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9 - 12 year old students

semi automatic technique

Frottage {to rub}

Max Ernst, a German artist came up with this idea to spark his imagination..

When he rubbed over textured surfaces with soft pencils he made discoveries in the grainy shapes. He saw strange flowers, never- before-seen insects, and a whole mysteriously created world.


Vos Angelica
Max Ernst

Material choices

Paper, 4b pencil or black crayon, chalk and paint.


Rubbing comes from placing paper over the raised textured area. Using black crayon or a soft pencil rub the paper carefully so that the textures appear clearly defined. Move the paper around rub again; the direction of the texture will change for more interest.


Rubbing from wooden floor

Other Ideas: sidewalk, bricks, tiles, anything with interesting raised surface.

Squint at the rubbing above - what do you see? I see a diagonal furrowed field, trees above it, sky.

Take your vision , make it more visible to others by adding darks, details and maybe chalk and paint.

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