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Students 6 - 9

House Collage from Wax Crayon Rubbings or Use Your Own Idea for the Collage

wax rubbing.jpg
wax house.jpg

Wax Rubbings

Finished picture using cuttings from the wax rubbings

Supplies Needed

2 sheets of white drawing paper, 4 or 5 wax crayons, tracing paper, pencil, glue, scissors


Look for interesting textures; tile floor, wooden floors, wall, sandpaper corrugated cardboard


Place the paper on the textured surface (for example the floor) and rub with colored wax crayon in different directions.

When finished, decide on subject and draw the required shapes on the tracing

paper to make your design.

Pencil over the traced lines on the rubbings and cut out desired shapes

Assemble the shapes on a new sheet of paper to make your design and glue them down.

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