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Student Fun Art Idea.

Teen Group   -  Surprise Encounters/Collage

Juan Gris followed this new way of creating art from Picasso and Braque.
The new reality is combining pasted paper, drawing, painting and photos.

Juan Gris

Yellow Flowers

oil, collage and pencil on canvas











Collect some interesting things from your home,  magazines, newspapers, and photos, colored paper, fabric, string and glue.
Does a theme stand out? Maybe, certain shapes, textures 0r colors. It could be being with your  your new reality, dealing with being home bound, what is it like, what is happening? 0r an interesting find? 
Sketch your ideas as you move the papers around, narrow it down to your favorite ones.
Try out colors, do they fit really well with one of your choices, work on that one.
Keep it simple; add some drawing after you have assembled your pieces.
Assess your artwork, if you think it may be complete, leave it until the next day and if it still seems finished then, you are done.


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